Shuugoukai Karate Club

Shuugoukai Karate Club  was formed in 2001 by Mr.Nanahoshi, JKF's ( Japan Karatedo Federation) qualified instructor with holding the JKF 5rd Dan, the Shotokan 7th Dan. He is a certified Karate instructor by Japan Sports Association, Japan Junior Sports Clubs Association. 


This club has got in touch with Mr.Takashi Shibuya- Shihan, Special Counselor of the Japan Karatedo Federation (10th dan black belt). 


We practise Shotokan Karate and also place emphasis on evolution of human spirit through physical and mental training. Karate is excellent for developing fitness, strength and suppleness together with the self-confidence and awareness that practising any martial art brings.


The club has created a welcoming and inclusive training environment. New members are always welcome to join, regardless of ages, genders, ethnicities or previous experiences. Since Shotokan karate, our club's Karate style, is practised all over the world,  it is a sport that can be continued long.